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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Things I Love Thursday

Time to start this again. Winter has a way of wearing me down faster than any other season. Dark hours? Year winding down? Another year older? I don't know. No matter. Time for a little gratitude!

My job. Yes it's a temp job, but I'm learning so much about working in an office and realizing what the world's most terrible job taught me (read: a LOT). It's making me see my value in the workplace again. It's a confidence builder. 
Also I'm grateful for the much needed weekly paycheck!

My little family and what time I get to spend with them. The best nights are falling asleep with my favorite person and my favorite puppy. :)

My friends. I don't see them anywhere near as much as I would like...or at all. But I know they are there, and just the fact that they exist make me happy.

Finding inspiration in random places. It starts with a friend being afraid, and then lots of other friends sharing their fears and their hopes and ideas. I felt supported and that's something I've needed to get things in motion. 

Movies that make me laugh and cry. I highly recommend  "Wreck it Ralph".  One of the best movies that I've seen in a while.

On that note...The thought that "The Hobbit" will be out in less than a month now! I will actually be seeing it a month from today! Super pumped for another visit to Middle Earth (my happy place).

Setting Goals. I joined Planet Fitness the other day (at $10 a month, how could you not??!). I'm excited to get in a little treadmill time. I miss exercising. I dreamt that I ran a marathon the other night...and I wasn't even tired when I finished. It felt amazing. Maybe a sign to start running again? I'll take it as such! :)
Also, I'm looking into expanding my interests into hobbies and getting old hobbies back into my life.  Makes life more exciting! :)

So that's it... What things did you love about life this week??




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