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Sunday, September 09, 2012

I've Moved!!

Winston and I enjoying the new porch(!) and Adirondack chairs

    If any of you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you know that I've moved. If not...Uh...SURPRISE!  I'm now located about 30miles from Detroit, Michigan! It was a tough decision, but I'm glad it was one that my boyfriend, Brett, and I made.
    Real talk, guys... New York City is tough. Not that either of us were doing too badly there, and not that it can't be done. It can! Lots of people do it every day. But for us, it wasn't a good environment.
  We missed the little things about the suburbs and the country that NYC didn't have. Also, the people.
  New York City is a huge "melting pot". So many cultures, so many different types of people and everyone has a million things going on. And all their things are WAY more important than anything you have happening right then. Don't get me wrong, New Yorkers are awesome (I am one, afterall!) and in most cases really friendly people. It's just how it is. Also, as I'm sure most of you know, it's really expensive to live there. While that works for some people, It's just not how we wanted to live anymore.
So...Here we are! 
I'm so excited to have a new place to call home and decorate! It's one of my favorite things, and probably the best part of moving! So here's a quick little tour for you of our new place and some of my favorite things about it!
Living/Dining Area

View from the front door

Lego Gandalf and Frodo,  Expecto Patronum Cross Stitch from Etsy, and our waving gold cat!

Entertainment Center complete with 5 different video game consoles!

Art Nouveau "Firefly Les Femmes" by Megan Lara 

Brett's POP Spiderman and Captain America bobbleheads fighting crime!

My Whatnot Muppet and Walter ("The Muppets") hanging out with my Adipose!

Left: Mint Green Salvation Army chair (that we picked up for $50!) with a Paris pillow I made
 Right: Sherlock Holmes Clock that Brett got on our trip to London last year!

View back at the door...Did I mention that we got that whole dining set for $75 at a flea market?
Cause we did! I friggin' LOVE flea markets!

Now...Let's move on to the:

After having a nook for a kitchen in Brooklyn, all this space is AWESOME!

Had to make a curtain to cover this sketchy looking shelf filled with junk food! :)

Got this rattan table donated to us by Brett's Family. I LOVE having a place to sit in the kitchen!
AND It is a REALLY handy place for our cookbooks!

"Times Square at Night" Matt Brown Woodblock Print   -   Empire State Building by Bobby Hill

Winston's Dining area- Bowls from Meijer, Bone from Big Lots  -   Brett's Shot Glass collection

Now down the hall to the...

Separate shower and sink! Also, I'm in love with our shower curtain!
Also, can we please talk about how we have storage here?!

Top left: Gift (maybe from Etsy?) Bottom Left: I took that!  -  Right: From Rar Rar Press on Etsy

Out into the

Vintage comic books framed and More Prints (PeeWee Herman and Stay Puft!) from Bobby Hill


Left: Button Heart that Brett and I made (Tutorial on here soon)  -  Right: My vanity area!

It's a PUZZLE! On the WALL!

Can we please just talk about this WALK IN CLOSET for a minute?!?!

And last but not least...
Guest Room/Den/Office/Music Room/Nerd Room

Our Desks- Mine on the left, Brett's on the Right with a signed "Heroes" Poster

My little keyboard- Brett's full sized keyboard- Brett's Guitar- Various passes for jobs
Green chair that we acquired from the garbage pile in front of our Brooklyn Apartment!

These are Brett's...and this is one of the many reasons we are together. ;)

And with that, the tour is over!
It's definetly the little things you place here and there around the whole place that make it your home! 
What little things do you love about your space? 

I plan on posting a lot here in the future, so subscribing to the RSS feed might be a good idea...Especially if you like crafty things!





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