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Thursday, May 24, 2012


Things I Love Thursday

This TILT is WAYYY Overdue. Somewhere along the lines though all the job stress and living issues, I've lost sight of the important things in my life. Time to get those back. Starting with a little Gratitude.

-My little family
-Music that makes you feel better
-The hours I get at work
-Roller coasters
-Puppy air guitar
-My resolve
-Feeling confident in myself
- This I want this, or I want that, or how life will be better when this happens… Of course, what happens when you focus on something? No matter whether it’s good or bad, it just gets bigger & bigger. It can put us into a tailspin or it can elevate us to new heights. It all depends on the thought we choose to focus on." (Gala Darling)  How True.

- Making people smile
- Moe's Southwest (Art Vandalay Jr. FTW!)
-Good Friends
-Cute dogs
-Pretty Dresses
-Dr. Who
-Terrible Daytime TV (Keeping me sane while I play Receptionist this week)
- Playing Tag with my puppy
- Home





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